A platform for travelers to meet locals

Traveling and enjoying the secrets of your destination in the eyes of locals.

Travelers we are looking for...

Create Your Original Trip

As you visit a foreign country, you make the trip remarkable and original by leaving your footprints on the paths that are not listed in a guidebook. You prefer making a detour or exploring inspirational routes towards your destinations.

Seek for Local Stories

Driven by curiosity, you would want to peek into the past of a street or an old house, exploring the the stories behind the sceneries.

Live Like A Local

You want to experience local lifestyle and will not miss a chance to experience seasonal culture activities. Instead of dining in a five star michelin restaurant, you would rather eat at a food stalls filled with locals.

Local guides we are looking for...


You embrace the opportunities of meeting new people and are excited to spend some quality time together exploring your homeland.


It could be a shop, an alley, or a location where holds your childhood memories or where you spend your leisure time, and you would like to share this secret place with an outsider.

Culture Exchange

You are eager to share your culture with someone outside the country. At the same time, you are interested in learning different cultures as well.

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